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Our guiding principles spike a bold incursion into a fickle and sometimes unorganized market place. We make sure to keep your best interests in mind as well as listen to your wants and needs.


We think, “it’s not how we work, it’s how we live”. We take a very hands-on approach and get our hands dirty so that you don’t have to worry about anything yourself throughout the process.


Succeeding in today’s increasingly complex, consumer-driven environment is an enormous challenge. Companies need to look beyond today; they need to position themselves for continued success in the even more uncertain future. That’s where The J Group comes in to focus on breeding accomplishment, movement, and results.


I knew I had to sell my house after my renters left, So I prayed about choosing a realtor and God brought me an Angel named JaLynn. She made the entire sale of my home convenient and hassle free. She took care of all the important details.
JaLynn truly looked out for our best interests when selling our home, and finding a replacement. Her communication was always timely, and she was always willing to help right away. Her methods of finding a replacement home were FUN and EFFECTIVE. I believe JaLynn really does go “outside-the-box” to put clients into homes. We are VERY happy with JaLynn, not only as our Realtor, but as a good down-to-earth person. I highly recommend using JaLynn as YOUR Realtor!
JaLynn has been more than amazing with her resources, time, knowledge, and effort! She’s making our experience of looking/buying our first home a very memorable one by working in OUR interest, suggesting what’s best for US, and setting the pace at OUR convenience! If anyone is looking to buy/sell homes in Riverside County, do yourself a favor by contacting this particular realtor! Thank you for the time you’ve put in, the time you’re putting in, and the time you will be putting in for our family!
JaLynn listened closely to our family’s description of our dream home. She was able to immediately begin showing us homes that exceeded our expectations (while staying within our price range). JaLynn’s proactive & consistent work ethic, savvy search techniques resulted in us finding our dream home much easier and quickly than we thought possible. Her exceptional and timely communication with both our family and the seller resulted in our offer being accepted on our dream home.

Rest assured, that JaLynn’s abilities are beyond reproach. So much so, that we listed our home for sale with her as the listing agent. Again, her skill set exceeded my expectations- as she is quite the experienced photographer. I highly recommend JaLynn to anyone wishing to receive the ultimate real estate experience, whether you are buying or selling.

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