NXKST Real Estate Media is a full-service production company that specializes in Real Estate photography and videography within the Southern California Area.

Cameron Evans
Founder and Lead Videographer/Editor

Cameron Evans is the founder and Lead Videographer/Editor of the company NXKST Media. After selling Millions of dollars in real estate, Cameron discovered his passion for creating videos for his listings and brand. Now, he is utilizing his talents to construct amazing productions for the most immense and recognizable names in the real estate industry. Evans’ incredible ability to develop cherished relationships with his clientele has allowed him to turn their visions into reality.

Filmon Kifle
Co-Founder and Lead Photographer

Filmon Kifle is the Co-Founder and Lead Photographer of NXKST. Filmon is exceptionally talented with a camera and has years of experience satisfying his customers. Filmon’s fascination with landscaping is what led him to real estate photography. His dedication is evident in several facets of his life. His education being a top priority has permitted him to value discipline, and overcome challenges as they arise. The future is exceedingly bright for both of these young creatives.