You don’t have to rank in the “one percentile” to receive 100% customer satisfaction


The J Group is comprised of Agents with the clients goals driving them to a higher level of service than the typical “Status Quo”.

We have IDENTIFIED that your home is the single largest investment YOU will make in your lifetime. Therefore, we fully understand the TRUST that is required by YOU when picking our agency to represent your family. The BALANCE of the team is what make THE “YOU” FACTOR bring home the results that will move you!

Client Experience is the Entire Brand Journey

The Client Experience is about seamlessly supporting consumers across their entire brand journey regardless of where, when, how and with whom it happens. This means supporting not just one business area, but the entire organization as one living, breathing entity. This means supporting not just one single interaction, but the entire experience a client has with a company from start to—well, forever. After all, the journey never truly ends.

“It’s not how WE work, It’s how WE live.” – Pete Carroll

It’s not just being “all in” it’s about having faith in our ability to “STEP IN“!!!

Discover a little more about what we do for each of our clients that sets us apart from traditional agents.

Ride the Movement →

  • Enjoy the perks of the privileged without having to be subjected to egotism of the “Agent-First” personality. We empower our team members with advanced modern practices at contemporary prices.
  • While buying, selling or leasing a home has its differences of processes, we believe that YOU, the customer, has unilateral privileges and benefits that are seamless to The J Group Pledge.

The 100% Client Strategy →

  • The ushering of Modern Technology is about to make traditional Real Estate transacting either innovative or obliterated.
  • Who you choose to trust with your single largest investment could and will propel or destroy your financial security.

The J Group Marketing Suite “MT” Bundle →

  • Big Data computational resources
  • Omni-Channel marketing concepts
  • 3D augmented reality photography
  • Drone aerial photography
  • RE Custom address website
  • Full line of color marketing material
  • Local, national & global exposure
  • “TO OPEN or NOT TO OPEN” house strategy
  • Equity protection tactics
  • Relocation expertise
  • Vendor assistance
  • Private Client Concierge Services
  • and MORE!

This is the Status Whoa!